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Decision Support Tool

Based on the experience obtained while doing the GEANS pilot studies, we developed an easy to use decision support tool. This tool consists of a interactive decision tree that guides its users towards the best suited DNA-based methodology for their specific monitoring goals.

The decision support tool summarizes the lessons learned and recommendations from the different GEANS pilot studies. It specifically focusses on how the DNA-based methods could be applied - as this was the focus of GEANS. Using the tool can for example guide the user to choose the best DNA-based approach for monitoring ecological patterns in soft sediment fauna, or for monitoring newly introduced non-indigenous species (NIS). All recommendations are supported by scientific results that can be consulted in the paper/report links provided. For some of the  suggested methodologies, GEANS developed protocols are also publicly available.

We would like to make a plea to start implementing DNA-based methods within your (national) monitoring programs and by providing this tool, we hope to guide you to the appropriate methodology for your program.

For best user experience go directly to the tool by clicking here.

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